February 26, 2013

Allen & Heath Xone:K2

To create a DJ device that DJs will naturally feel drawn to, you will have a lot on your plate to compete with.  There are few creators out there who have actually designed a unique controller that appeals to a mass audience.  Most of the time a designer will have a good idea that will never be produced in factories, and therefore will require a high overhead to produce.  Other times, a manufacturer will design a rather generic controller that can be produced at low cost, but it has very little appeal to those who want something unique.  To put it bluntly, creating a basic controller is not as easy thing to do.

Behringer has been smart in their decision to produce a line of modular controllers, each with the same form factor but with differing button arrangements.  They understand that a one size fits all controller is a tough deal for both the company and consumers, so the best route should be varied and looked at from all angles.  Allen & Heath has introduced their controller which looks close to both Behringer’s and Native Instrument’s offerings, but we can bet that the design will be more solid albeit not very pretty.