February 26, 2013

ZT Lunchbox Junior

Having wireless gear is only as pleasant as the rest of your gear that needs to be wired.  I’ve seen wireless devices, such as wireless controllers, be promoted as the next big way to DJ – but it strikes me as odd since the rest of the gear cannot be moved around in the same fashion.  Then there is also the problem of only having one hand to DJ with, if the other hand is holding the unit in the air.  Maybe they need some sort of drumline harness to mount the controller to.  Wireless would truly be revolutionary if every part of the DJ’s system was wireless.  I’m talking about wireless audio and wireless power cables as well.  I’m sure we don’t be seeing this anytime soon in the future.

Battery powered speakers that can be jacked into are cute, but they rarely output anything worth taking seriously.  The thought had occurred to me though – What if a mounting solution was made available to those who had a wireless MIDI controller?  Perhaps they could plug the unit directly into a portable hip speaker and prance around the stage while they perform.  It seems farfetched now, but the performance value of something like this would be worthy of an attempt.