March 2, 2013

DJ Player 5.8 For iPad Brings Streaming Music

The iPad that was once only seen as a toy for those who were away from their desktops and laptops, is quickly becoming an actual replacement for both – even with its limitations like the inability to store large files or the lack of input connections on the device.  And now that NI has released their version of Traktor for the iPad, you can expect that other developers will be taking the idea of iPad based DJing seriously.  Although the iPad fits neatly in your hands or at your desk, there is still the issue of having access to music.  The internal storage on the iPad is rather pitiful when compared to the storage provided on a flash drive.

Of course, there is no way to plug in a flash drive directly – so there needs to be another way.

Cloud storage may be the simple, yet complicated answer to this problem.  Creating remote access to a library of music means that the DJ doesn’t actually need to physically own (in his possession), the music that is needed to DJ with for the night.  This idea is not without its limitations, since offline access to music is still impossible with this method, but it is a protocol that can be worked on and perfected.