March 2, 2013

Brian Eno On Sex, Drugs, Art & Religion

Ever music producer and even musicians with no drive to create music of their own, has a sense of why they enjoy creating noise that is ultimately turned into music.  For some, the act of listening to music in immersing yourself in it is something that can be related to a spiritual or religious experience.  Sounds odd to someone who has never had a close connection with the tunes they listen to – but artist who spend their life trying to create music know this special relationship that they have.  Ironically, there is one man who has some deep observations of his relationship with music, and this is the guy that has been labeled a non-musician.

Brian Eno is not a name you will hear about at a rave or EDM concert, he is the guy whose music gets unnoticed in the elevator lobby.  His music is the type that has no real beat or pulsating rhythm, yet it is deep enough to set the tone or mood in any casual setting.  In this short interview with the producer, you get to hear about his thoughts on his own creative process, and how it relates to sex, the arts, and drugs.