March 2, 2013

Music From Noise

There is a fine line between being a music producer and being a sound designer.  If you are creating a movie that is expected to make it to Hollywood, you will actually need to employ both of them.  We already know where the producer fits in to the scheme of things.  You will need someone to create the score for your movie, and you might even opt to borrow music that has already been created, if the feeling matches a scene in your movie.  However, within a movie or any type of production of this sort, there is more than just music that is needed on the sound side – you will need sounds.

Yes, I said sounds.  Everything that ranges from something simple, like opening and closing a door, to something complicated like the sound of rain dropping or the splash sound that is created when a car drives over a puddle – this will need to be manufactured as well.  Although the process may seem simple to the listener, it is actually more complicated than just recreating the event.  Some sounds that are created aren’t even close to the ones that are depicted.  Sound designers and music producer understand that sometimes they must fool the listener into believing something that doesn’t actually exist.