March 3, 2013

Traktor Kontrol Stand — or is it a case?

A minor annoyance you may or may not have to deal with is finding a way to mount your devices in a sensible manner.  Often, the shape of a table does not adequately fulfill the needs of a DJ or producer and you wind up with a controller in a less than desirable position.  Even worse is when the controller or unit cannot support itself, or is too recessed into your setup – and this is what Native Instruments has been working on, a way to get your controllers up off the floor.

Their Kontrol F1 units are sized to be placed next to a turntable or mixer, but they aren’t deep enough to fit flush with the rest of the setup, so they must be elevated in order to be useful.  NI has created the Kontrol Stand, which is really a protective casing for the controller that doubles over as a stand.  It is also somewhat modular and can be placed into a contraption with the z2 mixer placed right at its side.  It looks a bit like the S4 when you have all together, but rest assured, is not.  Might as well protect your investment right?