March 3, 2013

Can I Legally DJ In Public With Digital Music?

The issue of legality pops up every now and then, when a smart DJ wants to know the law when it comes to spinning other people’s music.  If you are a mobile DJ then you might already know some of the more intricate policies about the business itself.  For one, the DJ has to do what he can to protect his investment, and that means securing his gear in the best way possible.  On the tangible side of that philosophy, a DJ can invest in cases for their turntables and controllers – but they also ought to invest in renter insurance, to cover their gear in case it is damaged by another person.

The venue will also want to make sure that they cannot be sued by the DJ for damages as well as personal injury.  But what type of policy exists for the choice of music that the DJ plays?  Is the club responsible for making sure their music was purchased legally?  And even if it was purchased legally, does that DJ have the right to make the club (and himself) money off of it?  There is still a shadowy line between what music is acceptable and what music is unacceptable, when a DJ decides to play out.