March 3, 2013

DM1 Drum Machine Updated With Full MIDI

A producer might spend hours fine tuning the pitch of a simple snare hit in a song, and once this is done he may just copy and paste the same next sixteen bars using this method.  While the process of creating music like this may not be the most improvisational, it is probably more accurate and saves the producer from having to manually input each note.  However, there are also producers who like to combine live elements into their production setting – these are the guys who use a controller as if it were a drum machine, drumming the beat to a melody as it is recorded.

I’d have to say that the live input would be much less perfect, but much more real once it is all said and done.  Producers seem to spend too much time on perfection, browsing through thousands of different drums samples before choosing a matching sound – but having less rather than more can also be a good approach to making beats.  A small drum machine with only 9 sounds can be used to create some authentic live beats, as long as the drummer (producer) relies on their creativity rather than looking for instant perfection.