March 3, 2013

Low Cost DJ buys

There is a saying that DJing doesn’t make money.  It costs you money.

There is some truth to this statement, and every DJ that has ever dreamed of getting paid top dollar to spin in an exclusive club understands that they have also paid, in effort in money, the cost of putting themselves in this situation.  For any DJ who is starting out, the initial purchase is always the biggest – you may be asking yourself, “What did I just buy?” once you realize how much money has been spent in the process.  The time for recouping will come much later (unless you already have gigs lined up).

The lowest end, every DJ has small costs that are associated with any type of DJing.  Purchasing songs to spin is like purchasing gas for your car, and you car won’t get very far without it.  Even the low cost of a digital song can add up, once you consider the volume of songs that people buy.  Aside from the high initial cost and the song purchases, there are the small purchases in between – basically toys we can buy to curb our gear craving addiction which will be more substantial than owning music.