March 4, 2013

5 of the best affordable monitor speakers

The idea of studio monitors being affordable for the common man was not something that was easily achievable until the last ten years or so, when the technology and production methods became wide spread.  It was almost like the creators of top end monitor solutions never wanted the manufacture of them to become cheap – but they have.  Typically, when the word “monitor” comes out of a producer’s mouth, dollar signs tend to appear right above them.  Monitors are not cheap, nor should they be.  There is a word for cheap monitor, and it is spelled “bookshelf speaker”.  It is unfortunate that the word is tossed around the way it is, because many speaker sets should not be called monitors.

KRK and their Rokit series monitors are perhaps the most well known in the DJ community.  Their price is affordable, yet still on the expensive side – but it is a cost that many are willing to pay for a product that will not need to be replaced.  Behringer has recently been getting good reviews about their TRUTH series monitors, which look remarkably close to the KRK Rokit design.  One difference you won’t see with your eyes is the price, as the Behringers are tagged with a lower price.