March 5, 2013

Daft Punk Teaser

Music artists will come and go; some might stay relevant longer than others, but eventually they will lose their status in the music industry.  This is the way it goes for many artists – just picture all of the vinyl records that nobody wants to buy, from artists that we’ve never heard of.  That collection of vinyl just keeps getting larger.  For an artist to really stick around and keep a large fanbase, they need impact the world or leave and impression that separates them from other artists.  It doesn’t even need to be important, just something memorable.

Picture Ozzy on stage taking a bite out of a bat.  An event like that would definitely leave a lasting impression, which would be remembered even after he left the music making industry.  Daft Punk is one of the few electronic artists who have kept their popularity since the early days of their success.  Their trademark masks are one of a kind, and there are only a few other artists who usually keep their face a secret during their performances.  Artists like Deadmau5 have also used the mask as a symbol of their brand, but ultimately the credit for it lies with Daft Punk.