March 5, 2013

Expensive Subwoofer?

I suspect I would have a difficult time trying to fit  subwoofer into my makeshift home studio, given that there is only so much sound that I am allowed to produce at one time.  In general, a subwoofer can be heard over a great distance if placed in the right spot, preferably a corner of the room or something.  The low frequencies can boom across the room and provide the roaring bass you need, but they can also be disturbing and invasive if set up incorrectly.  For those running studio monitors like the KRK Rokits, you might find yourself wanting to add a little bit of bass to your setup – if you do, you must be careful to match your subwoofer correctly with the monitor.

KRK actually makes an add-on subwoofer for those who are going this route, and it will save you the hassle of overshooting your marks.  Subwoofers that are meant to be stacked against other types of cabinet loudspeakers should not be pair with studio monitors.  It should be clearly obvious by the size of the subwoofer that they are not meant for the same purposed.  It IS possible to use them with any speaker setup, but then you will end up with terrible bass.