March 5, 2013

Tape Recorder Techniques For Minimal Techno

If you get down to the nitty gritty of many of the sound accessories musicians have available to them, one of the most underappreciated devices is the effect unit or effect machine that is stationed between your speaker and your source of audio.  From guitar pedals to DJ FX boxes, each of the units perform the same basic tasks, using a method that dates back to a time long before any digital technology was implemented into consumer instruments.  The most basic of these effects is the delay effect, which is still one of the most sought after effect for guitarists looking to purchase a guitar amp.

The delay and its brother, the echo, use a system that relies only on the live sound that is inputted into it.  It takes what it hears and then captures a brief part of the recording to be replayed again.  All of this happens within milliseconds and then is repeated over and over.  In action, it creates a seamless echoing of the audio source.  The history of this effect dates back to older tape players, where a sound had to be dubbed and replayed in the correct sequence to give it the same effect.