March 5, 2013

New From Native Instruments – Something To ‘Supercharge Your Beats’

There no question that Native Instruments has their paws in every area of musicianship – except for the creation of things like violins and cellos, but they have something for that as well.  The beauty of the Native Instrument’s marketing scheme is that they keep things even on both the hardware and software side; their very roots began as a software company, and now their hardware sales might be doing better than their collection of software.  Regardless of what is more popular, we can be assured that there will always be a stream of updates on either side.  Their latest video teasers have left some people guessing what is coming next from NI.

An older video hinted at some type of synthesizer that might be coming out of the shop – but their latest video is definitely something software related.  They claim that it will “supercharge your beats”, so the best guess is some type of update to their Komplete Instruments Bundle.  Coupled with their audio interface, the Komplete Audio 6, any update to this package might very well contain more instruments that one could even use.  Still, at this point it is all but speculation and nobody knows for sure what is coming out next.