March 5, 2013

Scratching For Controller DJs: Our Latest Course

In the latest video series by Digitaldjtips.com, the hosts begin to discuss other aspects of scratching with a controller that might not seem like obvious questions at first.  In their earlier videos they discussed one of the most important (and necessary) parts of the controller, for a controllerist who wants to scratch.  That is, of course, the job wheels.  Without something to manipulate the music in a non-linear fashion, there is really no way to “scratch” the music that is about to go live.  The types of jog wheels that are out there can range from free floating discs, to touch sensitive capacitive dials.  Both of these have their own set of issued that need to be worked out.

One aspect that should also be discussed is the quality of the fader, because let’s face it, not all faders are created the same.  If the entire controller was scored for under two hundred dollars, it would be hard to rely on a controller’s durability in the fader department – and mix DJs simply don’t abuse a fader like the scratcher does.  You should check into what a fader is made out of before you go clicking away – you could end up breaking a post.