March 5, 2013

Les Paul Guitar Through An Arturia MiniBrute

Synthesizers and to be more specific, modern synthesizers, have the ability to create music using a mix of analog and digital processes.  The Korg MicroKorg and the Arturia Minibrute might not look like much to someone who knows nothing of what they can actually do.  These are two small, but powerful beasts, which can take music past the act of pressing notes on a piano keyboard – they can take audio and manipulate it as well.  The most obvious example that these are not just little pianos, is by looking at the types of inputs it has on the back.  On a MicroKorg, you will find microphone inputs and even a vocoder to play with the sound of a mic.

Taking that the next logical step, you may be thinking, “What else can I plug into one of these units?”  If you think it, it has probably been done before, or at least attempted.  In this short clip a synthtopia user tries to use his electric guitar as an input source, and his Arturia Minibrute as his signal processor.  In the end he is able to get it to perform some cool modulation effects, but certain triggering functions are harder to user.