March 5, 2013

CMI Pro Contest Offers $1000 Prize

How many musicians out there actually get paid to play?  Let’s forget about working DJs and part-time producers for a second and think about how many are actually making a living off of the music they make.  If we summed up the amount of musicians out there, the amount of them working as musicians probably boils down to no more than a grain of rice in a 20 pound bag.  If we asked how many musicians actually want that to be their job, the number would be even smaller.  I think as a hobby, we enjoy the act of creating music and would even pay to create music, rather than make money off of it.

Anyone who has even grown up with a skill in the family knows that once the hobby becomes a job, it is no longer fun anymore like it used to be.

This doesn’t mean that a musician would not enjoy the occasional payout here and there.  Contests and prizes offered here and there give the producer a chance to show off what they’ve got and maybe even make a few bucks in the process.  CMI has actually offered a thousand dollar to the producer who can submit the best song.