March 5, 2013

Arturia iMini

The Arturi iMini deserves a few reviews since it has much to live up to.  Replicating the Minimoog is no small task for any developer and there is a lot to live up to.  Given the scope of this task, it is not surprising that Arturia themselves have released the final copy of this app, rather than letting an 3rd party try to develop it.  The programming and science may be correct, but it takes a true sound engineer to pick up on the differences between the program and the real deal.  Visually, it is a stunning app.  They have chosen to try and actually replicate the look and feel of the app, as well as the sound and functionality.

More than one report of the iMini has attested to the quality of the sound produced by it.  It is damn near close to the physical Minimoog, although the app tends to struggle in areas where the hardware may not.  However, the app has been designed with navigation in mind, and buttons and switches are clearly spaced out for easy access.  MIDI control is there, but receives low scores due to the lack of flexibility, since channels cannot be changed.