March 6, 2013

Forget your sports seaon, It’s battle season.

The art of DJ battling is not what it once was.  Some may argue that DVS and controllerism has really killed form and style of DJ battles, and that there is less talent out there than before.  There is some truth to that statement, but it doesn’t automatically negate talented DJs from existing either.  Modern DJs have many tools available to them, including controllers, tablets, and production tool – but the best tool that a DJ needs cannot be bought; his creativity.  Even though two turntables and a mixer is no longer the normal setup, this doesn’t mean that creativity cannot happen with more equipment.

DJ battles are rarely heard of or televised, except for large productions like Redbull’s contests, but they are out there and battles DJs will be practicing all year to perform on stage at one of these events.  DMC is celebrating its 30 year anniversary, and you can expect to see some super technical turntablists performing.  There are also smaller venues that cater to mix DJs who want to try their hand at pumping up a crowd with a “prime time” club set; these are more likely to garner attention from mainstream audiences, and club DJs will get their shot to prove their worth.