March 6, 2013

Korg Legacy Collection Updated For 64-Bit Action

Do you know exactly what is inside of your computer?  Unless it was built a month ago, you may have forgotten all of the components that make up your PC, even though you spent a great deal of time researching what types of part to build it with.  I bet if you were to go online and search up the type of Ram you bought for your system, it would be priced cheaper than it used to be.  Such is the way of computer hardware.  It’s expensive when it is fast and new, and then it gets its price chopped in half a day later.  Should DJ and production equipment manufacturers keep this in mind when they release products?

Korg does.  They have released a legacy collection that contains multiple instruments, and the patch is free for verified owners.  It has been updated to with 64-bit operating systems, and this is good news for those of us who are trying to stay current.  Even with Korg’s decision to port much of their software to the iPad, they have not forgotten about their fanbase who steadily uses their older gear and hardware in a more traditional setting.  Let’s just hope you own all the rights to your software.