March 6, 2013

Sunrizer iPad Synthesizer Updated

Rarely does the average individual need to worry about updating their OS into a completely new version.  Windows, for example, goes through plenty of updates that take place in the background of the desktop, and these changes are not likely to be noticed on a large scale (unless you look real deep into the changes being made).  Every few years or so a new version of their software is released, which is a minor stress for those involved.  There are new things to learn, a new GUI to cope with, and naturally some software conflicts that are bound to arise.  Given the infrequent nature of these big updates, they aren’t really a problem.

However, updating a mobile device like a tablet or a phone can be troublesome.

Apps are not developed in depth like many programs that were built for a desktop, and some apps are even forgotten about completely once their sales do not do as well as expected.  When a new version of iOS is released, it is basically force fed to users, because app developers do not want to make backwards compatible apps.  Rarely is this a problem for Windows users who upgrade. iOS users need to beware of these compatibility issues.