March 6, 2013

Review: Faderfox UC3 MIDI Controller

Overspecialization can be a good and bad thing.  For one, if you know all there is to know about how to create and design a video game but have no idea how to actually design the models or create a character, you’re in a bad spot.  There are many professionals who specialize in one field of law or medicine, but because they lack general knowledge about the subject as a whole, they are out of a job.  It sounds crazy, but knowing too much about one thing can be a detriment if you do not also have some general knowledge and skills.  However, specialization can be a good if you know you have a large enough market for your niche.

Faderfox, as the name suggest, knows a thing or two about making USB controllers; this is all they know in fact.

The faders themselves are far from generic, and you will likely not see too many of them in comparison to all of the Novation Launchpads that are being sold – but those who do own a Faderfox product know something that the rest do not.  It is about quality over quantity.  Faderfox controllers are expensive and hard to come by, but their built quality seems to make it worth the cost.