March 6, 2013

Learn To Finger Drum: Mad Zach’s Basic Tutorial

I was lucky enough to have a musically enriched childhood and to have played many instruments before I ever picked up my first turntable.  When I was listening to my favorite rock bands I was doing more than just using my ears, I was visually thinking of what the drummer was playing on the drums, and what cymbal he was going to shoot for next – this taught me a lot about drums and helped me advance my skills on the drum set.  Once I graduated to the decks, I never had problems with rhythm, I only needed to physically learn how to use vinyl records and a cross fader.


Those who have just picked up a drum machine or are trying to use cue points to create drum beats might struggle with some basic ideas that come easy to an experienced drummer.  Simply using a high-hat, a snare, and a kick to produce a simple beat can be a mind-twister if you’ve never had to use your hands in an unsynchronized fashion.  Mad Zach on DJTT has offered some simple tips and a small tutorial on how to get started – but if you want to real tutorial, you will have to pay.