March 6, 2013

DJTT TV: Live Performance With Zeke + PriMO

If you’re a turntablist who still shuns the use of controllers within a DJ battle set, you need to crawl up from under that rock you’ve been hiding under.  The time has come for DJs to accept all forms of DJing and to give credit to those who achieve the same effect using a different means or method.  Even some of the best tablists around such as DJ Qbert are embracing digital technology and using it to their advantage, while still paying homage to the original art of turntablism.  His demos have proven that the two can be considered a single entity and can produce some amazing results if you fully explored.

ZEKE is an example of a scratch artist who has risen through the ranks to become a well known tablist who uses controllers in his set.  He participated in Qbert’s scratch academy, becoming valedictorian in his final days.  Today he uses two turntables, a DVS (Traktor) and a Maschine to deliver some tight performances that aren’t weighted towards either side.  He has been careful to not ignore his technique behind the table, which includes some scratching, some juggle, and some cue point work just to make it more varied.