March 7, 2013

SubPac, Personal Subwoofer

When is the last time you saw speakers mended into the fabric of piece of clothing?  My guess is that it has been quite a while since any brand has attempted to sell clothing with speakers installed in them.  Even if these were some decent quality speakers from a reputable speaker company, many would never take them seriously – including me.  I’ve seen maybe 2 instances where this idea was partially successful, and one of them was when the speakers were embedded inside of a backpack.  The only issue with the backpack came from the fact that it had a hard time performing “backpack” duties; the speakers and amp took up too much space in the top of the pack.

If this idea could be executed again, but with 100% of the effort being put towards sound quality (and skipping the backpack idea), it might just work.  This is what the creators of the SubPac were trying to get at.  It looks like a chest protector that an umpire might wear at a baseball game, but it is actually built to be strapped to the back while sitting in a chair.  Having it placed behind your back instead of in the corner of the room will allow you to experience the low bass frequencies, without having to ramp up the power.