March 9, 2013

New MacBeth ‘Inferno’ Prototype (Sneak Preview)

There have been a few synthesizer projects that have been patiently waiting to come to fruition, and one of them is likely to be labeled the “uber” synth, since it has no competition; there is simply no other synthesizer out there selling with the same amount of capability.  When demo videos for this hand built synth were released a few months back, it was in a bare bones state.  The keyboard didn’t actually exist with moveable keys and such, it was merely a touch sensitive feedback board – but this new video now shows it with a fully fledged white and black key setup.

This rather large unit actually contains six oscillators, two ring mods, and even an old school tape delay – so it’s much more than just an instrument, it is also capable of some effects as well.  MacBeth is calling this new prototype the inferno, and it is likely to burn up the cash in your wallet if you get to close to it.  Given the amount of work that goes into building one of these and the small rate at which they will be produced, you can expect these to really put a hurting on your cash flow if it ever makes it to market.