March 9, 2013

Western Digital My Book VelociRaptor Duo Video Review

For digital DJs who use laptops, and that is most of us, one of the greatest limiting factors in the entire system is the hard drive speed and capacity.  We are past the days when processors were unable to keep up with our amount of requests given to a computer at any point in time.  The greatest bottlenecks come in the form of storage; short term and long term.  An external hard drive has always been the friend, and sometimes the enemy of DJ looking to store music.  While it offers capacity far above what the internal storage has to offer, it can be temperamental and can even fail if the external is bumped around too much.

Solid state memory has crept up behind spinning memory as a quicker and smaller alternative, but currently their capacity and price value puts it far below the curve of a spinning drive.  Western Digital’s newest hard drives are capable of spinning at 10,000 RPM, which makes used of the quick SATA 6Gb/s speed.  For uncompressed files, it is actually faster than a solid state drive – making it a worth contender for those with large files.  The only drawback here is the high price, almost a grand for one of these.