March 10, 2013

Alchimie Zinc hits 1.1

I think digital DJs are now becoming more open to the idea of trying various configurations out, instead of just sticking to one main DVS all the time.  The trouble with a DVS is that even though there are considerably few programs out there, the chances that you buddy might not use Serato is pretty high.  So, when you head to his house and try to play on his gear you’ll be left scratching your head.  Sooner or later you are going to have to learn his DVS layout and he will have to learn yours.  Some DJs even prefer to use both Traktor and Serato instead of only one.

Well, you could be an expert of switching back and forth between DVS programs – but you will always have to deal with file structure changes when you want to load up your own flash drive or externals, and this will definitely slow you down.  See, the problem is that the many programs out there like to use different methods of storing files.  Alchimie was built for one purpose, and that is to simplify the file locating process.  They have even since updated their software concurrent with the new Traktor update.