March 10, 2013

Restoring Vestax PDX d3s turntables

Turntables may no longer be the hottest selling product at the DJ shop, but they shouldn’t be ignored.  The simple idea of a turntable that plays vinyl records has been around longer than most of u, but it wasn’t until the last thirty years or so that they have been built into such tanks.  A few of us have seen what a bad turntable looks and performs like.  It is usually belt driven and not meant to be back spun without tearing something apart.  A good turntable is completely different.  The motor is usually a high torque motor that can yank the record from under your hand; and almost every part of the tonearm is adjustable.

Tables like Stanton’s high end turntables also produce enough torque to keep up with the types of scratching that we hear today.  Vestax PDX tables are actually a bit different from the Stantons and Technics – and their tone arm is built completely different, so maybe that’s why it can be such a large chore to try and repair them.  Still, no matter how beat up a set of these decks look; they still carry a large value.  The ability to strip them down and put them back together is something a controller can’t compare to.