March 10, 2013

Yorkshire Youth and Music

To all the kids in high school, wishing they would teach hip hop or turntables in their music class, keep wishing.  It won’t happen any time soon.  Schools have a hard enough time funding basic music classes, since instruments are so expensive, and when the budget needs to get cut, music is one of the first items on the chopping block.  It’s actually unfortunate because there are a lot of youth who are into hip-hop, but not into contemporary music making, so they might not even get the chance to explore their ability.  Those same kids might be pulled in a different direction if they do not get a fair shot at music.

If you live in the U.K. a bright opportunity has been posted, and it is as close to having hip hop in the classroom as it’ll ever get.  A program called Yorkshire Music and Youth looks to unite those who are struggling, by bringing together rappers, DJs, and musicians.  If you either a DJ or someone who is looking to learn a few things, this might be one of the only city run functions like this for a while.  It would certainly be nice if the United States had something similar.