March 10, 2013

Talking To Promoters + Club Managers: The Art Of The Approach

Here is a phenomenon that you may be very familiar with – you go to a club and the DJ  is absolutely terrible.  At first you think that maybe you are being too critical since you are actually a DJ yourself – but then you keep listening and you being to wonder how this guy even got up behind the decks at all.  It is a sad fact, but still a fact, and that is that having talent doesn’t give you access to more and better work, is really who you know and who you make a deal with.  That is why terrible DJs can still get around town, because they have great management skills.

Learning to pitch your ideas to a club owner or manager is a skill that needs to be learned and perfected.  Much like a sale job, you have to get used to hearing the word, “No”, but you can’t let too many knows begin to shatter your faith, maybe you just need to work on your skills.  There is such a thing as luck and opportunity, and neither of these can be predictable – so you simply have to be prepared when the time is right to approach somebody and ask.