March 10, 2013

Are software updates always necessary?

There always seems to be something new right around the corner, and if it wasn’t for this fact – many of us would not hold out on that new piece of software we want to buy.  When twelve different programs claim to also do the same thing, it makes the choice to buy even harder.  Every shopper is concerned that when the purchase an item, it might go out of date or on sale the very next day, and when software is added to this situation, the fear is compounded.  Because of this, many of us learn to use a piece of software and refuse to buy into any updates all together.

SoundCloud has been under fire for their latest string of updates they’ve installed.  The website, which used to host all types of music (including mixsets and remixes), is now switching to a format that favors original music, rather than edited music.  Added to this is the complex way in which SoundCloud organized their social settings – which makes it easier for listeners but harder on the artist themselves.  People are hesitant to adopt this new format because it means the artists have to change the way they create; I understand why people opt to skip such updates.