March 11, 2013

Buyer’s guide: headphones for music making

Finding the right set of headphones to use first depends on what you are actually planning on using them for.  Each pair of headphones is essentially built to do the same thing – listen to audio, but obviously the price of the pair of headphones will clue you into its specific purpose.  General listening headphones can range from very cheap to very expensive, but most of them will come in different cup sizes and will look slightly different from each other.  Most of the time, a headphone’s amp will be set to boost certain areas of a frequency, like bass or high end frequencies.

If you want to actually create music using headphones (rather than just listening to it), you’ll want to avoid headphones that “add more” to the audio than what is already there.  Headphones for monitoring and music making are generally more expensive, yet they are also less clouded by aftermarket filtering.  Sennheiser is known for their pair of HD-25’s which is pretty accurate at delivering sound that has not been molested by any type of filter.  The $200+ range is really only the starting point when looking at music making headphones, so be sure to ask yourself what you want out of them.