March 12, 2013

How Do Promoters Deal With DJ No-Shows?

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to own your own restaurant?  Maybe not, but maybe you’ve thought about owning your own night club or bar.  Consider the first option for a second.  If you own a restaurant you need to have capable waiters, capable cooking staff, and the right equipment to work with and the right type of attitude.  Logistically it sounds hard, but it is not impossible to accomplish.  The problem is that things do not usually work as expected, and Murphy’s Law is always around the corner.  What do you do when a cook calls in sick to work and there is no one to replace him?  Then what happens if you run out of a main ingredient that your cooks use?

Now, just imagine that instead of restaurant you own a night club – and you are faced with the same problems.  Your DJ has decided not to show up for the night, even though you had a binding contract?  Perhaps it was your manager’s fault for signing the DJ without even checking out his credentials.  Basically, running any venue with necessary talent is risky and stressful – you depend on many things to work, but sometimes they don’t.