March 13, 2013

Share your DIY projects to win a Livid Brain Jnr

Producers and DJs, as well as a host of other musicians, are keeping their eyes peeled for the next big controller to be released.  The question is, “Who will be the ones to create it?”  Many of us already understand that the big companies are fiercely looking for the next big controller solution that will revolutionize the way we interact with computers – but maybe it will come down to a kid tinkering around with an electronics kit.  Kickstarter campaigns have already proven that an idea can come to life with the support of the internet, rather than a sole source or money, so could this actually work?

There is one company who wants to help push this idea, and they are known as Livid Instruments.

Basically, creating hardware and software was a job left up to those with the understanding and knowledge to make it happen.  It wasn’t the DJs who were breaking down the technical details, but the engineers and operators who were making it happen.  By giving the average DJ the tools to design their own DIY controller, they have eliminated the knowledge barrier and have made it possible for an idea to come to life.