March 13, 2013

Ableton Push Review

So Ableton 9 has made its debut arrival at the same time that Ableton’s first piece of hardware has been released.  Obviously this was no accident, and people who are on the fence about buying either might just end up buying both of them.  Why not start enhancing your production gear by buying software and hardware that are meant to work together, right?  Of course there are those who are skeptical of hardware created by Ableton, since they’ve never had the task before – but Ableton also secured the help of veteran controller makers from Akai to see that the project was nothing less than perfectly executed.

So how does it actually feel?

The buttons are obviously the most curious part of the machine, since you can see them in a video but cannot actually touch them.  Reports have claimed that the buttons have a nice springy response, rather than a mushy or hard one.  This is good news for those who actually want to play around with one shot samples that require complex timing and good technique.  Not everybody who uses a controller triggers their sessions with auto beat or auto quantizing features.  Note that the entire unit is pretty heavy, so perhaps that adds to its longevity.