March 14, 2013

Eddie Thoneick In The Studio with Future Music

The digital world could use some advice from the contemporary world every now and then – I understand now why they complain about digital music.  To the contemporary and classically trained musician, being a good musician is about hard work and dedication.  In some cases, some musicians have spent their whole childhood lives learning about various instruments – and they have grown up to become very successful because of it.  See, music on the surface sound cheap and easy – but to make a really earth shattering track, you need to look deeper into how good songs are made.  This is why a classically trained musician has better odds at making a good track.

Eddie Thoneick is not your regular musician or producer; he may in fact be the first producer that practices dentistry as a side job.  It would be a touch choice to have to pick between the two professions, but not for Eddie.  As a kid Eddie was trained on a range of instruments, so his ability to construct the right song is without equal.  Many producers out there simply produce by ear, which is not wrong – but having a background in music theory definitely helps you understand what you are creating.