March 14, 2013

New Modular DJ App, d(- -)b

There are many reasons why I would attempt to find a digital alternative of something before I go out and buy the actual copy.  The most obvious reason has to do with weight and bulk – as I don’t want to carry around more junk than I need to.  For example, a digital book would weight substantially less than the actual textbook and it would probably cost less too.  Who wants to lug that thing around?  As far as DJing is concerned, sometimes the less is more approach is better.  When you need to setup quickly and do not want to have a gigantic coffin dragged inside of the room, a backpack may be more suitable.

A soundcard to use for a DVS is not that heavy or bulky, but it does require more wiring and a longer setup time than a turntable or a digital deck.  The goal with many more modern controllers is to eliminate the external soundcard, but this also means that the unit will have to be much bigger and house a mixing element as well.  This is where the touchable modular DJ app comes in – you can now use your iPad to setup your booth exactly the way you like.