March 15, 2013

Werkbench Update Adds AudioBus & More

If you’ve bought a new tablet or more specifically, an iPad, you are now left with the overwhelming task of figuring out what you want to do with it.  First off, have your fun and dilly dally with it all you want; those cheap and free games that can be played on the road will have their moments to shine, when you are sitting in a waiting room and bored out of your mind.  Other than that, you should probably think in more serious terms as to what you want to accomplish the tablet.  Software for the iPad is generally not as expensive as software for a PC, but it comes with its restrictions.

Even if you have the complement software for your iPad, it will never have the same type of functional value as your PC, since you are missing the ability to route in peripheral devices and make serious changes.  On the plus side, you can take it with you – and this speaks volumes for any type of program.  When hauling your gear around no longer because the decisive issue, then you are free to eliminate most of your excuses to get out there and being producing again.