March 15, 2013

Brand wars – why do you care so much?

There are many new words and idioms that have sprung into existence in the last ten years or so.  Without the internet and the culture behind it, these idioms would have little meaning at all.  One that you hear tossed around is “FanBoy”.  This is one of my favorites because while it is insulting, it is also quite descriptive of the person it’s be hurled towards.  A fan boy is someone who blindingly follows a brand or idea, simply because they feel compelled to.  We all know that every manufacturer has items that can be considered flops, but the fanboy will also support them blindly.

After it has all be said and done, these fanboys will eventually become the sergeants of the brand wars and excessive zeal over a product manufacturer.  We’ve seen it with both Traktor and Serato – some will say that they use one and hate the other, while the minority actually realized that they both have value on their own.  So will these polarized brand warriors ever come to their sense and realize that every company has something to offer?  Probably not.  But until then, we can each do our parts to not become part of it.  Who know, you might end up with some gear from a company you’ve never liked.