March 15, 2013

Is Serato About To Unify Its Software?

If you never took the time to actually learn the ins and outs of your DVS program, then you might have overlooked the many ways there are to configure your GUI.  I know it will be a small headache trying to figure out what keys do what on your screen, but once it is learned it never has to be relearned again.  For Serato users the GUI can actually be harder to work with, even though it looks more visually pleasing.  The spinning discs do little else except show you the movement of your records and their position through the song.  The waveforms are actually what should grab your attention the most, when making sure that your peaks and valleys match up.

Serato by default is set to display vertical waveforms, but I, like many others, have opted to use the horizontal waveforms, as it makes much more sense in my head.  The newest Serato update actually sets the waveforms to horizontal by default now, so maybe we can make some implications as to where Serato is heading in the future.  Perhaps Serato Scratch Live and Serato DJ will eventually be packaged as the same type of software, without the many differences between them.