March 15, 2013

How To Organise A Festival-Style DJ Event, Part 2

So the first part of your big music festival is already covered.  You have the idea and you have the venue.  Congratulations, you now have 80 percent more planning to cover.  The hard part is actually done though, since actually getting up and getting start is most of the battle.  In a logistic sense, there is much more to worry about than you’d think.  When you attend a concert or a festival you never really stop to think about simple things like bathrooms and security.  You might know the feeling and what it is like to get stopped by security and patted down – but thinking from an organizers perspective, you would be happy to have that minor inconvenience.

Besides the music (that’s what everyone is there for right?), you also have to consider food and bathrooms.  You might have drinks covered, but audiences are going to be hungry as well.  If audiences are eating and drinking all night, you can be sure that the bathroom will be in heavy demand.  It is best to over-plan these aspects rather than to have too little too late.  Nothing is worse than having to go, and not having any bathrooms around at all.