March 17, 2013

Building a Spouse Approved Home Theater Solution

Although nobody will doubt the importance of functional value within a purchase, sometimes there are other aspects that simply out weight the performance of a speaker system, like the looks and style of it.  To those who have never had this problem, you may think it is really silly to buy a lesser performing model of speaker, but if that speaker has to be placed somewhere where everyone can see it, looks will matter more than it sounds.  It’s sort of like having an eyesore of a car, except that it’s really fast.  You want to keep it around but your significant other is tired of looking at it.

Building a louder speaker system or even a monitoring solution can be troublesome if you’re trying to balance performance against the way it looks sitting in your living room.  Trying to get it to match with the rest of the furniture if going to be problematic, unless everything in your room is already black and yellow, then you’ll have no problem fitting in the KRK monitors.  If you can minimize your working space into something more compact, then perhaps it would be better to find a separate location (room) to mess with music.