March 17, 2013

Not Silent: An Hour of Female Producers’ Music

Many of us still can’t help but be shocked when we see a band on stage consisting of only women.  Even though we try to see both sexes as equals, we can’t help but be left with impressions that have been formed in our heads.  When we think of a police officer, we may picture a man first, and then when the word secretary pops into our head we imagine women.  The fact is that there are too many outlined roles like this, and we are not at the place where our brains can look at something without judging it.  As far as musicians go, there have always been female pioneers.

From blues to rap music, there have been women all around the world who have made great contributions – but in terms of DJing and producing, women are underrepresented.  We don’t hear of too many female producer DJs who are touring around the world, and we don’t think of a DJ as a woman in the first place.  There is still the gender barrier that we live with and that women have to overcome.  The female DJ has much more to prove than the male one and will be judge on a different scale.