March 17, 2013

Visualizers For DJs: 3 Simple DIY Solutions

Video DJing is a technique that has been made completely accessible to all, yet many have never attempted to produce a video show that coincides with a DJ performance.  Why?  Why don’t DJs simply load up their playlists with music videos instead of just music, and deliver a performance that captures both sight and sound?  For one, it is lot more work than it seems, to have videos ready to go for the next song.  Videos take up a lot of space, and just a few of them could already take up to a gig of space.  You would need to have the ability to store terabytes of videos as well.

Another reason why video DJing isn’t looked at is simply the added equipment involved.  Your venue will need to support a video projector with some sort of display in the back that the audience can see.  Buying a projector yourself will not be cheap, and having the nerve to bring it out in public may not be cheap either.  Video SL was created in order to allow a DJ to easily mix music videos alongside their music, but few people know that there are free alternatives to doing it this way, using iTunes.