March 17, 2013

Reloop Jockey 3 — this is the Remix

If you want to easily market and promote your new DJ equipment, the best thing a manufacturer can do is to say nothing at all.  Put your videos where your mouth is, and show us what can be done with your gear.  Good demo videos by well known (or unknown) artists really show how the gear can be used to create music.  Sometimes a demo video will be much too basic or too general to have any good effect.  I’ve once seen a demo video where the music that was playing was overdubbed, and none of the DJ’s movements were even real.  It was pretty bad.

Other times, the video will consist of a demo man showing what each button on the controller does.  This is a bad approach as well, because even though it shows off each specific function on the deck, it doesn’t show how it can be used creatively.  When an experienced DJ get’s behind a new piece of gear, they learn to tweak it and use it in ways that go beyond the basic instruction in the manual.  This is what potential buyers need to see and hear, they don’t want a digital version of the instruction booklet.