March 17, 2013

djay LE Launched For Pioneer WeGo

So, you bought yourself a new controller?  Now what?  That big plastic case with rubbery buttons can’t do a thing by itself, except as a solid paperweight.  You need a few other components to get it working, such as a power source, a computer, and program to tell that computer how to talk to your controller.  Some people feel because it cannot work on its own with resources, it cheapens the value of the controller and all controllers to boot.  So, it seems like a natural decision to bundle software with each DVS controller sold.  If you buy a Native Instruments controller, then you can be certain that it will come bundled with NI software (if any), but what about products from Pioneer or Denon?

Some of these will also come with bundled with a version of Traktor, however, Traktor isn’t the only software that comes supplied with a new controller.  Serato DJ is issued with certain Pioneer controllers, and Reloop and Mixvibes have their own claim to a few controllers.  But would you believe that a dj app from the iOS is now bundled with a Pioneer Product?  The Pioneer DDJ-WeGO now has to option of being used with Algoriddim’s djay software.