March 18, 2013

Terminal Mix 4 With Serato DJ

There is a good reason to buy a controller that was built to use with specific software, but many may never understand this until they actually sit behind a fully enabled controller.  When Serato was first available to consumers, it was obviously used with a multitude of different mixers.  Any type of mixer than had RCA inputs was fair game, and DJ began to figure out that some mixers offered a better configuration with others.  But the best configuration to use with Serato Scratch Live was actually the flagship TTM-57SL mixer, which added a few small but important pieces to the picture.

The most obvious addition was this joystick above each channel.  The mixer by itself without the DVS made no use of these extra joysticks.  However, once it was running with SSL, not only did the joysticks serve a function, they also changed the GUI of Serato.  It made certain that this mixer and this program would provide the best combination of both.  This is what Serato is now going for by allowing Serato DJ to be run with other controllers.  By giving each controller full functionality over the DVS it enhances the value of both and makes it a better deal for all.