March 18, 2013

Turns Your iPad Into An MPC

Besides the market for tangible DJ items, like controllers and decks, there is also the demand for objects that only exist in software form.  The most obvious example is the DAW (ie. Ableton) that can only be used as software, and was built to eliminate the need for a gigantic hardware mixer that used to be the only means of producing.  People who use their tablet or smartphone to perform tasks they would normally perform on a PC also understand the value of having an intangible version of their production hardware.  But even with both of these “dimensions” being explored, there needs to exist a third dimension that is able to bridge the two.

Typically this would be the human.  A human can use their hardware to enter information into their software (if it allows it), but sometimes a human cannot perform tasks that a device can – which is why peripherals have been created to act as an intermediary.  Akai Pro’s MPC Fly 30 acts as a device which enables an iPad app to be used with a controller that is neatly bundled alongside in a single case.  Whether this is nothing more than a gimmick or an attempt to sell a product, is beyond me.