March 18, 2013

Your Mac Keyboard Into A MIDI Controller

The idea of a controller telling your DVS what function to perform when you press a button has been derived from something much simpler.  To get a good idea of this, open your latest version of Ableton (the version does not matter), and take a look at where your mapping options are hidden.  If you notice, you don’t actually need a controller to map functions to, it can be done using only your keyboard.  Case 2: open up Serato and take a look at the diagram that shows all of the keyboard shortcuts that can be used to avoid using the mouse.  Notice any similarities here?  All you need is the keyboard; you don’t necessarily need a controller to control your program.

The idea of mapping comes from a fundamental need to shape the keyboard into something more user friendly.  Since keys are so close to each other it is easy to accidentally press the wrong one, which is why a controller is much more appealing.  But you shouldn’t forget that the keyboard is the basis for all controllers, and can be used even if undesirable.  This free MIDI keyboard program will do exactly that, turn your keyboard into a controller – but it doesn’t say much for compatibility when used in another program.